Catechism Letter-Pastor

Dear Parents of the Catechism children,

birdsAs promised, this is a year of exciting changes for the catechism program.

Firstly, we are using an exciting new program for grades 1-5 called Pflaum Gospel weeklies where your child(ren) will be learning our Catholic Faith through the studying of the Sunday Gospel. Every Catechism class will be reading and discussing the Gospel they will be hearing at Mass and learning different aspects of our faith through them.

Secondly, Catechism will begin at 10:15 and will end at 12:30. Gaining KNOWLEDGE about our Catholic Faith without PRACTISING IT and putting it into ACTION falls short of what it means to be a Christian. Regular and faithful attendance at Sunday Liturgy is the most important part of growing in our relationship with Jesus because the experience of Mass brings us into the encounter of Christ in His Real and Living Presence. On Catechism Sundays, I will be spending time during the homily addressing your child(ren) in helping them to understand the Gospel at a level that speaks to them in particular. Teachers will lead their class to the Church where we will have reserved seating for them. IF you are not able to accompany your child to Mass on any givenSunday, you may pick them up after snacks which will take place around 12:30pm, immediately after Mass.

Thirdly, each Catechism class will be involved in a different ministry during the Liturgy, on a rotational basis. It is important that everyone understands they are an important part of the Church community and by training and encouraging them to be part of a ministry, such as altar serving, music, sound, collection, greeting, etc. they will come to understand, more deeply, the meaning of SERVICE to GOD.

Fourthly, grade 6 and 7 will have retreat style catechism program, where students will be required to attend at least six (or more) Saturdays in the year for a retreat instead of attending Catechism classes. OF COURSE, YOUR ATTENDANCE AT SUNDAY LITURGY remains an expectation of Christ and His Church.

Regarding housekeeping, here are some important notes:

  • It is the policy of the parish that parents come into the Church to pick up their children, as it is very dangerous for kids to be waiting in the parking lot.
  • Attendance at the Sunday Liturgy, most especially Catechism Sundays, is not optional!
  • After a child has 4 absences, you and your child will be invited to meet with the Pastor and the catechism coordinator.
  • Home Programs for Catechetical Instruction will ONLY be given upon individual request to the Catechism Coordinator upon approval of the Pastor. Attendance at the Sunday Liturgy, especially during Catechism Sundays is still expected!

We are pleased to assist you in “raising your child(ren) in the practice of the Faith.!” (quote from the ritual of Baptism) . Your ongoing efforts to participate in the life of the Parish and support our Catechetical Program is very much appreciated.

God Bless!
Fr. John Legitimas

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