Parkland League for Life

Parkland League for Life - is the Local chapter of Life Vision Manitoba. They provide information and education on Life Issues.

President for 2018-2020 is Laverne Hudson

This year Parkland League for Life is focusing on several projects. The first is the Dying Healed Project - Make Time for Life developed by LifeCanada. Several members have taken the training to offer this project.

The Dying Healed Program works to foster a deep and lasting awareness of the meaning and dignity of each human life and the meaning and dignity of all human suffering, especially at the end of life, when the human person is preparing for their final moments on earth.

The aim is to train people both in the concepts of "Dying Healed" and to train volunteers to spend time with those who suffer, those socially isolated or those who are dying, sot that they can experience the power of human presence and obtain some healing both spiritually and emotionally.

The beauty of this program is that it is not complicated and it doesn't require advanced degrees. It requires faith in our own ability to effect change just by being who we are and giving of our time to those most in need.

Dying Healed - Make time for Life is also promoted by the National Week for Life and Family Tri-Diocesan Committee.

The next Workshop will be offer winter of 2020 watch for up coming presentations.

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